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Naat in English………By: Sayed khadime Rasul Aini

You are the first creation,you are the last prophet,
For you the world is set you are the last prophet.

Your travelling to non-abode was definitely
Faster than light and jet ,you are the last prophet.

For benefit of ummah you used to cry and cry lot,
Your sacred eyes were wet,you are the last prophet.

You are so praiseworthy,in your glorification
Are full the paper and net,you are the last prophet.

All proves and evidence of your finality
In the Quran we get you are the last prophet.

You are unique my master,nobody is your rival,
Allah only you met,you are the last prophet.

You are the mercy for all ,you are the benevolent,
You did not let Aini fret,you are the last prophet
By: Sayed khadime Rasul Aini

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