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ناموس رسالت پر انگریزی نظم‌Honour of our Prophet،By : Sayed khadime Rasul Aini


We will protect the honour of our prophet,
This is essence of our creed and our target.

In every heart is preserved love of prophet,
Holy drink of love is tastier than posset.

The holy ascension is it’s obvious proof,
Speed of prophet is faster than light , rocket.

All dignitaries are His appreciators,
Be it Jesus , Moses or Noah or Jephet.

All are illuminated by prophet’s light,
The galaxy, stars ,sun , moon and the comet.

Do not think the prophet like a common man ,
He is next to the Almighty the greatest.

We sacrifice our life for His dignity,
Prophet’s love is” Aini” the biggest asset.
By : Sayed khadime Rasul Aini
از: سید خادم رسول عینی

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